About Us

We started our journey in 1994. At that time, we were Crystal Chem, a chemical supplies company, started by two visionary entrepreneurs, Mr. Ramesh Parekh and Mr. Shalibhadra Parekh, in Mumbai. It started as a company that believed in quality over quantity and in delivering the best product. It started by providing the utmost customer satisfaction on two products, but due to the commitment to excellence and a striving ambition, Crystal Orgoimpex today provides more than 130 products, each delivered with the same focus and dedication.
Once the bar for competence was laid by the hard-working minds of the founders and others who joined seeing the brilliance of the products, it was never let go again. In the March of 2014, Crystal Orgochem Pvt. Ltd. overtook the company seeing the solid foundations it was built on, it has only achieved higher and higher summits. Crystal Orgoimpex is a sister concern of Crystal Orgochem, which brings that experience in excellence and dedication to providing the highest quality inks, pigments, and solvent-based chemicals to be used in pharmaceutical industries at the most competitive prices.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best deals in the market for the highest quality products and to hold ourselves to the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

We strive to be at the apex of the global industry of chemical supplies, being the most competitively priced and being our client's most favored brand.

Our clients can rest assured knowing that all the data provided to us will be under strict confidence and absolute trust.

We offer unparalleled confidentiality and absolute trust to all our clients.

Our modus operandi imbibes strict confidence and complete trust.

Our Management Team
Shalibhadra Parekh
Managing Director (Founder)
Meet Parekh
Pratik Shah
Business Development Partner