Who Are We

CrystalOrgoImpex is a procurement solution company, which delivers sterling quality raw materials and intermediates for specialty pigments, inks, and pharmaceuticals like APIs and generic drugs for the last 25 years. Crystal Orgoimpex today provides more than 130 products, each delivered with the same focus and dedication.

Our Strengths
We aim to be as reliable as possible in the time of our client's needs. We aim towards the zenith of being the best provider of products for our clients.
We have a team of highly competent people all working towards the goal of the client. We know we deliver the best product because we work with the best people.
Consumer Driven
Our consumer can rest assured that we shall always deliver the best in the market, and exercise the top of our abilities every single time, all in the service of our consumer's satisfaction and satiation.
We strive for efficiency in our dealings, endeavoring to make the entire process as smooth and fluid as possible because we respect our client's time.